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Good morning all! Here are a few things I’ve found for today, September 3rd!!
Today in 1189, the great King Richard I (the Lionheart) was crowned in London. He would spent 6 months of his 9 year reign in England, and famously said he would have sold London to finance his wars if he could have found a buyer. His Queen consort, whom he married on the way to the Third Crusade, never stepped foot in England.
Also, today marks the defeat of the Royalists in 2 battles in the English Civil War. The Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and the Battle of Worchester in 1651, both concluded today with losses for Charles II. Oddly enough, Oliver Cromwell would pass away today in 1658, leaving his son Richard, as Lord Protector. The Protectorate would not survive Richard.
And in birthdays today, we have a couple:
In 1499, Diane de Poitiers was born in France. She would be the mistress and favourite of King Henry II of France from when he was about 16, until his death from a jousting accident. He wore her favours when his accident occured, but the Queen, Catherine de Medici would not allow the King to see Diane, (even though he asked for her repeatedly) while he died.
And today marks the birth of Eugene de Beauharnais in 1781. Eugene was the stepson of Napoleon I and would go on the be one of his most successful and able commanders and politicians.
And lastly in birthdays today in 1851, Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna was born in Russia. She was the granddaughter to Alexander II and cousin to Alexander III of Russia. She would go on to be Queen of Greece and grandmother to the still living Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.
And in other deaths today, we have Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany died today in 1420. He was the illegitimate son of Robert II, and would be regent at some point for Robert II, Robert III, and James I. He would be legitimatized nine years after his birth and would go on to have an infamous career in Scottish politics, inlcuding be suspected in the murder of his nephew, David, the Duke of Rothesay in 1402.
Have an awesome day everyone!!!