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Afternoon all! Here are a few things I’ve found for September 5th!!
We have something from the “WTF Files” today; Today in 1698, Peter I of Russia (Peter the Great), in an effort to modernize Russia, imposed a tax on beards for everyone but the clergy and peasants.
Today in 1725 marks the wedding date of Louis XV of France and Marie Leszczyńska, a princess of Poland. Happy Anniversary guys!!
Today in birthdays, the first we have is that of Louis VIII of France, born in 1187. Louis was actually proclaimed King of England during the First Baron’s War against King John in 1216, but his support dried up in when John died later that year.
And I know I mentioned his death the other day, but today is the birthday of the “Sun King” himself, Louis XIV. Born today in 1638, he would become King at age 5 and rule for over 72 years.
And one death I’d like to mention today, as well. Today in 1548, Catherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII, died of post-natal complications. She gave birth to a daughter named Mary, by her fourth husband, Thomas Seymour. Catherine was a published author (the first Queen of England to be so) and was instrumental in the education of her stepdaughter, Elizabeth. She was about 36, and sadly her husband would be executed less than 2 years later, and its believed that her daughter didn’t survive long after her 2nd birthday.
On that sad note, make the best of today everyone!!