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Good morning all! Here are some tidbits I’ve found for Sept. 6th!
Today in 1948, Juliana of the Netherlands would be formally inaugurated as Queen of the Netherlands. Her mother, Wilhelmina formally abdicated a few days before, and Juliana would rule until her own abdication in 1980.
And in 1997 today, the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales would take place in London. An estimated million people lined the route of the procession, and 2.5 billion watched on television.
And in birthdays today, the first up is Ivan V of Russia. Older brother to Peter I of Russia and his co-Tsar early in the reign. Peter and Ivan’s older sister, Sophia was actually regent on their behalf at first, due to Peter’s minority at the time, and Ivan’s physical and mental illness. Sadly, Ivan would not see his 30th birthday.
And a happy birthday to Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, born today in 1757. The Marquis was a general in the American Revolution and for the French during and after the French Revolution.
Also today in 1926, Prince Consort of the Netherlands, Claus van Amberg was born in Germany. His wife is the current monarch, Queen Beatrix. Sadly, Claus passed in 2002.
And lastly in birthdays, and not-so-dead royalty, in 2006 today, Prince Hisahito of Japan was born. He is the grandson of the current Emperor, and Nephew to the Crown Prince, and third in line of the succession.
And no major deaths to mention today! Have a great one!!