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Afternoon all!!
Today in 1297, the Battle of Stirling Bridge took place as part of the First Scottish War of Independance. William Wallace and Andrew Moray led the Scots to a resounding victory over the English. The battle was literally fought partly on a bridge. There is a bridge in the town of Stirling where the monument to Wallace now stands. No word if its the same bridge.
And today in 1802, the Kingdom of Piedmont, also known as Sardinia was annexed by France as part of Napoleon’s conquering of Italy.
The only birthdays we have today belong to a not-so-dead royals, Queen Paola of Belgium. The wife of King Albert II of Belgium was born today in 1937.
And Princess Akishino, daughter in law to the Emperor of Japan, was born today in 1966.
And a couple deaths today; In 1063 today, King Bela of Hungary, and in 1161 today Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem, died of what appears to be a stroke. Melisende was Queen Regnant of Jerusalem and ruled until her son was old enough to take power.
And today in 1349, Bonne of Bohemia (or Luxemburg) died of bubonic plague at age 34. He husband would become John II of France, and her son by him would be Charles V of France.
Have an awesome day guys!!