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Here is what I found for September 12th!
Today in 1974, Emperoe Haile Selassie of Ethiopa was deposed in a coup by the military group called the Derg after a 58 year reign.
And in birthdays today, we start with the birth of Lorenzo II de Medici, Duke of Urbino in 1492. He was the grandson of Lorenzo the Magnificent and his only child would go on to be the infamous Catherine de Medici.
In 1494 today, the future Francis I of France was born. He was not expected to inherit the throne, but thanks to his cousins inability to produce children and Salic law, he would go one to be a perpetual thorn in the side of both Charles V of Spain and Henry VIII of England. He was also a major factor in bringing the Renaissance to France.
And in deaths today we have a couple to mention; Peter II of Aragon in 1213, Blanche of Lancaster, mother of Henry IV of England in 1369, and Tsar Vasili IV of Russia in 1612.
Have an awesome day guys!!