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Today was a slow day for history’s royals, but here goes!
In 1752 today, the British Empire and all its holdings finally adopted the Gregorian calendar, about 200 years after the rest of Western Europe. Huzzah!!
Today in 1812, Napoleon’s Grand Armee invaded Moscow and set the city ablaze. Luckily most of the residents had been evacuated, so casualties were minimal, but about 75% of the city was destroyed.
Today in 1917, Russia was officially declared a Republic after the forced abdication of Nicholas II and the set up of the Provisional Government.
No major birthdays to mention, but one death to lament. Today in 1982, Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco, suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter Stephanie. Stephanie would survive, but sadly, Her Highness formerly known as Grace Kelly would not. Her son, Prince Albert II is the current ruler, with his son Jacques as his heir. Interesting factoid on Princess Grace, she and her family had to pay Prince Rainier about $2 million USD as a dowry before the marriage took place. And after the marriage Prince Rainier banned the screening of her films in Monaco and although she was tempted and offered roles, she never acted again, after age 26.

Have a great weekend all!!