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Good morning all!! Not a lot happened today, but a few birthdays and one death to mention!
In 1666 today, Princess Sophia Dorthea of Celle would be born in Germany. Sophia Dorthea would go on to be the wife of the future George I of The United Kingdom and mother to the future George II. Alas, she would never be Queen, as George divorced her in 1694 and had her imprisoned until the day she died, in 1726.
Today in 1864, Prince Sigismund of Prussia, son to the future Frederick III and Victoria, Princess Royal (daughter of Queen Victoria) was born in Potsdam. Sadly the little boy wouldn’t see his second birthday, dying of meningitis while his father, and most of the doctors in the kingdom, were away at war.
And in 1904 today, the future King Umberto II of Italy would be born. He is known as the last King of Italy and only ruled for about one month (May-June) in 1946, before Italy was declared a Republic. He would live out his days in Switzerland, as the laws passed barred any male in his family from stepping foot in Italy again.
Skip ahead to 1972, and in the first of several not-so-dead royalty today, Letizia, Princess of Asturias, wife of Prince Felipe of Spain was born. Her husband is currently the heir to the Spanish crown.
Jumping North a bit to Sweden, where in 1973, Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland, husband of the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, was born.
And our one death today belongs to Prince Daniel’s great-grandfather-in-law, King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden died at age 90.
And our last birthday today belongs to Prince Henry of Wales. Harry, as he is usually called, was born today in 1984, to Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales. He is currently 3rd in line to the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms.
Have a great Saturday all!!