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Just a few birthdays and deaths to mention for today!
Today in 1386 is one of the possible accepted birthdays for the infamous Henry V of England. His cousin, Richard II was King at the time, so Henry wasn’t expected to inherit the throne, so his birthdate was not officially recorded. However when his father usurped the throne, he rose to prominence to eventually become the hero of the Battle of Agincourt and the heir to the French throne.
In 1837 today, King Pedro V of Portugal was born, and in not so dead royalty, Princess Jalilah bint Ali was born to the Jordanian Royal Family, as a granddaughter to King Hussein of Jordan.
In deaths today we start with that of Charles V of France in 1380. Charles had been successful in recovering most of the French lands they had lost to that point in the Hundred Years War.
Today in 1701, James II and VII of England, Ireland, and Scotland died in exile in France. James had fled to France after his son in law, William was invited to invade and take the throne from the Catholic James. James lost the thrones in what has become known as the Glorious Revolution, to his oldest daughter Mary and her husband, William. James would try to reclaim the throne, as his son James, and his grandson Charles would try also.
1824 today marks the death of Louis XVIII of France, brother of the executed Louis XVI, of gangrene, gout, and multiple other issues stemming from obesity. His brother. Charles X succeeded him.
Have a great rest of the day!!