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Afternoon all! Here we go!!
For starters, today in 37 CE, Tiberius became Roman Emperor after the death of his step father, Octavian (or Augustus). He was also the great-uncle of Caligula, the uncle of Claudius, and the great-great uncle of Nero.
Skipping ahead to 1714, the new King of the United Kingdom, George I arrived in Britain for the first time from his native Hanover. As a great-grandson of James I, and a Protestant, he was heir to the House of Stuart. There were several claimaints who were closer, but Catholic. George was ridiculed for being too German at the time, but contemporary historians paint him in a more positive light.
And a most happy anniversary to the not so dead royals of Greece, King Constantine II and Anne-Marie of Denmark. They were married today in 1964.
In birthdays today, we have Marie of Valois, daughter of John II of France, sister to Charles V of France and Joan, Queen of Navarre, born in 1344 today.
We also have in 1434, Eleanor of Portugal, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and mother to Maximilian I.
Also today in 1786, Christian VIII of Denmark was born. He was King of Denmark from 1839-1848, and King of Norway for a brief time in 1814.
And our last birthday, also of the not-so-dead variety, is that of Queen Anne of Romania, wife of the deposed King Michael. She was born today in 1923 in Paris.
In our first death today, we have King Louis VIII of France, one time Crusader and husband of the indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine. Louis was succeeded by his son, Phillip Augustus, or Phillip II of France.
And lastly we have the death of Charles XV and IV of Sweden and Norway, in 1872. He passed in Malmo and is buried in Stockholm.
Have an awesome day guys!