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Afternoon all!!! Let’s get to it!
Today in 1187, Saladin and the Saracens started the Siege of Jerusalem after a decisive win at the Battle of Hattin. The siege would last until October 2nd, when the city was surrendered. This directly lead to the Third Crusade, in which they would try to recapture the city.
Today in 1860, the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward would engage on his first state trip to the US and Canada at age 19. Albert was the oldest son of Queen Victoria and later became Edward VII.
And in birthdays today, the first belongs to another Prince of Wales, Arthur Tudor. Arthur was the oldest son of Henry VII of England and brother to Henry VIII, in 1486. Arthur was actually the first husband of Catherine of Aragon, although their marriage lasted only approximately four months, before his death.
Also today in 1853, Chulalongkorn, King of Siam (Thailand), was born in the Grand Palace. Another King of Thailand Anada Mahidol, was born today in 1925, in exile. Sadly the younger King would not survive to his 21st birthday.
No major deaths today! Have a good one!!