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Here’s what I have for today!!
Today in 1435, Phillip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, signed a treaty with Charles VII, which he announced his support for Charles as King of France, and ended Burgundys alliance with England in the Hundred Years War. A mere four years later, the treaty was broken.
Jumping ahead to 1745, the Jacobite forces under the leadership of “Bonne Prince Charlie”, grandson of the deposed James II and VII of England, Ireland and Scotland, scored a quick victory in the Battle of Prestonpans. The forces loyal to King George II were better prepared for future battles, as they won the overall rebellion.
And in 1792, the National Convention of France formally issued a proclamation of the abolition of the monarchy in France. All references to the ancien regime were being eradicated, including the Christian calendar.
In 1898, a coup occured placing the Empress Dowager Cixi on the throne as regent for her son. She would end what is known as the “Hundred Day’s Reform” in China. In interesting birthdays today, the first is that of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York in 1411. Richard was a key player in the early days of the War of the Roses in England. His sons would carry on his claim to the throne, becoming Edward IV and Richard III, respectively.
We also have today, Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, born in 1415, Sardinian Queen Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg born in 1706, and in 1819, Princess Louise Marie Therese of France (granddaughter to Charles X) in 1819.
And in deaths today, the first we have is of Edward II of England in 1327. Edward died in captivity after being overthrown by his wife, Isabella of France and her lover, Roger Mortimer. He abdicated in favour of his 14 year old son, Edward III, and it is disputed whether he died in prison, was murdered, or escaped to live a life in the countryside.
Next in 1558, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, died of malaria at age 58. He had already abdicated the crown of Spain to his son Phillip II, and his brother Ferdinand became the new Holy Roman Emperor. Charles was the grandson of the famed Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain through his mother, and through his father, he was had been heir to the many titles and lands of the early Hapsburg empire.
And in 1875, Princess Alexandra of Bavaria, daughter of Ludwig of Bavaria died at age 49. And more recently, in 1957, King Haakon VII of Norway died at age 85. His wife was actually a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, which puts the Norwegian royal family, albeit far down, in the succession for the crown of the United Kingdom.
Have a great weekend all!!