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Here you go!!
Today in 1066, the last attempted Viking invasion of England was attempted with the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The death of King Edward the Confessor had caused a succession crisis with the brother of the acting King, Harold Godwinson, attempting the invasion. The English won a decisive victory, but were left tired and unprepared for the invasion force the would land 3 days later, led by William, Count of Normandy.
Two birthdays to mention today, first is that of Frederick William II of Prussia, born today in 1744.
The second belongs in the Not-so-dead royalty category. In 1968 today Prince Johan-Friso of Orange-Nassau, son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was born. Prince Friso was excluded in the line of succession when he married without Parliamentary approval. Sadly, he was in a skiing accident earlier this year and has been in a coma since Feburary.
And one interesting death to mention today. In 1506, King Phillip I of Castile died in Spain. Phillip the Handsome became King through his wife, Joanna of Castile (or Juana la Loca) , when Joanna’s mother, Isabella died. He would bring the House of Hapsburg to rule Spain, and his son, Charles, would go on to be King of all of Spain (Castile and Aragon), Holy Roman Emperor, and to rule most of contintental Europe.
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