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Here’s what I found for today!!
Today in 1580, Francis Drake returned to England after his successful circumnavigation of the Earth. It took him 3 years and out of the six ships he sailed with, one returned with him. Six months after his return, Elizabeth I would knight him on the deck of his ship.
In 1687 today, the city council of Amsterdam voted to support financially William of Orange’s invasion on England, known now as the Glorious Revolution.
And in 1810 a new Act of Succession was adopted in Sweden naming French soldier and statesman, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was named the successor to the current childless King, Charles VIII.
In birthdays today, first we have King Christian X of Denmark in 1870. He was actually the only King of Iceland as well, between 1918 and 1944.
And in not-so-dead-sort-of-royalty, today in 1922, Nicholas Romanov, pretender to the no longer existant throne of Russia was born in France.
And in not-so-dead-actual-royalty, today is the birthday of Princess Salma bint Al Abdullah of Jordan. The third child of King Abdullah and Queen Rania was born today in 2000.
No major deaths today! Have a great one guys!!