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Let’s see what today has in store for us!
Today in 1066, an army led by William of Normandy left France, heading for England. William maintaned that his distant relative, Edward the Confessor had promised the crown to him at his death. By William the Conqueror (as he came to be known) would invade England to enforce this claim and change England forever. In 1529 today, Suleiman I (the Magnificent) of the Ottoman Empire would begin laying siege to Vienna in modern day Austria. The seige would be unsuccessful and the Ottomans would withdraw in mid-October.
Not a royal event, but interesting. Today in 1584, Pope Urban VII died after being elected Pope a mere 13 days earlier. His is the shortest papacy in history. He died before his formal coronation, but in his short reign, he did manage to instill the worlds first smoking ban, by threatening excommunication to anyone who smoked, chewed, or snorted tobacco in church.
And in 1922 today, after a disaster of a war with the Turks, Constantine I of Greece abdicated the throne in favour of his son, who became George II, King of the Hellenes.
Our first birthday today belongs to Louis XIII of France, born in 1610. He became King upon the assassination of his father, Henry IV, when Louis was just 8 years old.
Also today in 1657, Sophia Alekseyevna of Russia was born to the Tsar and his wife. Sophia would be the regent for her younger brother Ivan, and younger half-brother, Peter. She would be regent until the majority of Peter who ousted her from power and she retreated to a convent.
And our only death of note today, belongs to Lady Arbella Stuart. Arbella was a first cousin to James I and VI, as James’s father was her uncle. She herself had no aspirations for the throne, but was imprisoned in the Tower of London when she married another claimant to the throne without the King’s permission. This situation was exacerbated by her escape and recapture. She died within the Tower of probable starvation, as she has refused food and was ill from being imprisoned.
Have a great day!