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Today in 48 BCE, Pompey was assassinated upon his arrival in Alexandria Egpyt by the counselors of the barely teenaged King Ptolemy XIII, brother to the famous Cleopatra. Caesar had his killers executed upon his arrival in Egypt.
And in 1066, William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, landed in Southern England, beginning his conquest. The forces loyal to Harold Godwinson, who claimed the throne after Edward the Confessor’s death, were on the way after fighting Viking invaders in the North.
Some years later in 1106, William’s children would be fighting the Battle of Tinchebray in Normandy. William had left his son Robert as Duke of Normandy, and his son Henry I had become King of England. Henry defeated his brother and claimed Normandy and they would remain under one ruler until 1204.
In 1238 today, the primarily Muslim city of Valencia, in modern day Spain, surrender to James I of Aragon, also known as James the Conqueror.
And in coronations, in 1448, Christian I was crowned King of Denmark and almost four hundred years later in 1844, Oscar I was crowned King of Sweden.
We have two birthdays today, the first is of Amelie of Orleans, Queen of Portugal in 1865. She was the last Queen consort of Portugal. And the other belongs to Quentin Kawananakoa, descendant of the Hawaiian royal house of Kawānanakoa. He is called Prince by those who follow native Hawaiian traditions.
The only death of mention today we have is that of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, and King of Italy in 1197 of malaria. He was actually in Messina, Italy preparing to go on a Crusade to the Holy Land.
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