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Today in 1227, Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor was excommunicated by the Pope for failing to participate in the Crusades. Frederick would be excommunicated four times, and even called the Anti-Christ by Pope Gregory IX.
In 1364 today, the Battle of Auray took place as part of the Hundred Years War between France and England. The battle was a resounding victory for the English, with one of the Breton leaders being recognized as the Duke of Brittany, but he had to pay homage to the French king as a vassal.
And we have a handful of birthdays today, starting with Pompey the Great, consul  of Rome and contemporary of Julius Caesar, was born today in 106 BCE.
In 1240, Margaret of England, daughter of Henry III was born. She would go on to be Queen Consort of Scotland as wife to Alexander III.
Today in 1328, Joan of Kent, wife of Edward, Prince of Wales and mother to Richard II of England was born in southern England.
And also, today is attributed to be the birthday of Thomas of Lancaster, son King Henry IV of England, in 1387.
Lastly we have Princess Thyra, daughter of Christian IX of Denmark born today in 1853. She was the sister to Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia.
And two deaths to mention today, the first being of Gustav I of Sweden in 1560. He was in his mid sixties and its believed he had several infections, including one of the jaw.
And in 1833 in Spain, Ferdinand VII would pass away after being crowned twice. He abdicated after the wars with Napoleon, and Napoleon’s brother was installed as King. About 5 years later he was re-installed as King of Spain.
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