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Today in 959, Edgar the Peaceable, became King of the English after the death of his older brother. Although its cited that he was not exactly peaceable, (its said that he killed a rival in love) England was a peace during his 15 year reign.
Also in England today, in 1553, Mary I became the first crowned Queen Regnant of England. Mary succeeded her half brother, Edward VI, after his death at age 15. Edward’s counselors had tried to supplant Mary’s place on the throne with her younger (and Protestant) cousin, Jane Grey. Mary would be succeeded by her half sister, Elizabeth I.
Our first birthday today belongs to Henry III of England, son of King John, in 1207. Henry would go on to rule for 56 years and would call the first Parliament in England.
And in 1685, the future Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, Archduke of Austria and claimant of the throne of Spain was born in Vienna. He would be the last Hapsburg Emperor by birth. His son in law, Francis, would become Holy Roman Emperor by marriage to Charles’ daughter, Maria Theresa.
And our one death of note today belongs to Princess Charlotte of Prussia and Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen in 1919 at age 59. Charlottle was the younger sister of the last Emperor Wilhelm II and thus a grandchild of Queen Victoria.
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