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Today in 1187, Balian of Ibelin formally surrendered the city of Jerusalem to Saladin in order to lift the siege that started in September. The people of the city were allowed to leave if they paid a ransom. This set the stage for the Third Crusade in 1189.
In 1501 today, a 15 year old Catherine of Aragon arrived in England in marry Arthur, Prince of Wales. Arthur was the son of Henry VII and brother to the future Henry VIII. They would be married in early November, and sadly Arthur would die in April.
Our first birthday today belongs to Richard III of England in 1452. Richard was the brother to Edward IV, and uncle to Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, the famed Princes in Tower. Richard has been a prime suspect in the death of his nephews and has been maligned through out history for that and various other reasons. A set of bones have been recently discovered that are believed to be Richard. He was the last King of the Plantagenet dynasty, which had been ruling England for over 300 years.
And today in 1798, Charles Albert, King of Sardinia was born. He was king from 1831, until his defeat in the Battle of Novara in 1849 by the Austrians. He was forced to abdicate and flee Italy.
One death I’d like to mention today, that of Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark in 2007. Katherine was the daughter of Constantine I of Greece and the sister to 3 Greek Kings. At the time of her death at age 94, she was the last living great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
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