Today in 1283, Dafydd ap Gruffydd, the last independent Prince of Wales, was executed by being hung, drawn, and quartered for the crime of High Treason against Edward I. Edward had been undergoing massive military actions to bring Wales under the English crown and Dafydd had been one of the principle players in the resistance.
In 1918 today, Ferdinand of Bugaria abdicated the crown to his son, Boris, after Bulgaria’s crushing defeats by the Allies in World War I.
No major birthdays and 2 deaths to mention today. The first belongs to Elisabeth of Valois, Queen consort of Spain and daughter to Henry II and Catherine d’Medici, King and Queen of France in 1568. She was quite close to her sister-in-law, Mary, Queen of Scots when they were growing up together. Elisabeth was married to Phillip II of Spain at age 14, and she miscarried a set of twins and gave him 2 daughters. Sadly she would not survive the fourth pregnancy, which she and the newborn boy both died. She was 23.
And in 2007, Queen Fatima, the last Queen of Libya died in Cairo at age 98. She was the wife of King Idris I, and had been abroad when the monarchy was overthrown. She lived out her days in Egypt.
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