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Today in 1143, King Alfonso VII of Leon and Castile recognized Portugal as a separate kingdom and independent of Spain. The monarchy in Portugal would survive until today in 1910, when the monarchy was overthrown in favour of a Republic.
In 1789 today, The Women’s March on Versailles occured, with a mob of thousands descending on King Louis XVI and his counselors and family demanding liberal reforms to the monarchy. The crowd successfully urged the King to come back to Paris along with most of the Assembly.
A couple birthdays to mention today, the first being of Mary of Modena, Queen consort of England in 1658. Mary was the wife of James II and VII of England and Scotland. The birth of their son James would be one of the causes of the Glorious Revolution in England. Mary and her children fled to France and she lived out her days there.
And in 1717, Marie Anne de Mailly, future maitresse en titre to King Louis XV of France would be born. Interesting note on her and her family from the WTF Files; Marie was the youngest of 5 daughters and 3 of ther 4 older sisters would also be mistresses to Louis XV.
A few deaths to mention as well today. First being that of Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor at age 38 in 1056. Interesting note about him, every German King born after him, is a descendant of his.
In 1214 today, Alfonso VIII of Castile passed at age 58. He was married to Eleanor of England, daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He founded the first university in Spain, which did not survive him, sadly.
Also today in 1285, Phillip III of France, father of Phillip the Fair, died at age 40 of dysentery while laying seige to the Spanish city of Girona.
And not wanting to leave out the lovers of famous Queens, today also marks the death of Grigory Potemkin, Russian general, friend, confidant, and lover of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, in 1791. (Its today in the old style calendar, October 16th in the New Style.) Its rumored that he and Catherine were actually married, but after their sexual relationship cooled, he was one of her most loyal statesmen and generals.
Have an awesome day everyone!!