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No major events today, but a few birthdays and deaths to mention today.
First, in 1738, the Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria was born in Vienna. She was the oldest surviving daughter of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, and Empress Maria Theresa, and the older sister of Marie Antoinette. She was physically disabled and had respiratory problems, but became the abbess of a convent and was well known in the Austrian scientific communities.
In 1807 today, Henri Christophe, King of Haiti was born. He had been a slave and one of the leaders of the revolt there. At first, Haiti was split in two, the North and the South. He was elected President of the North, and made it a Kingdom later, with himself as autocratic ruler and even created nobility. His Kingdom would not out last him.
And today in 1773 King Louis Phillippe I of France was born in Paris. A cousin to the Royal Borbouns, he was proclaimed King after the abdication of Charles X. He would be King from 1830 until 1848 when he was forced to abdicate and flee the country.
Our first death today comes in the year 404 with Byzantine Empress Aelia Eudoxia died after hemorraging from a miscarrage. She was consort to Emperor Arcadius and mother to Theodosius II.
And in 869, Ermentrude of Orleans, Queen of the Franks, would die in a nunnery, after living there for several years. She came to the convent after he husband, Charles the Bald, executed her brother in 866.  Charles himself would later meet his demise on this day in 877 of an illness while on this way to Italy to help defend against the Saracens.
And in 1644, Elisabeth of France, Queen consort of Spain, died at age 41. She was survived by her two children that lived past infancy (she bore 7 children in all) one of which was Maria Theresa, who became Queen of France as the wife to Louis XIV.
In 1819, Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia died in Rome. He had abdicated the throne in favour of his brother, Victor Emmanuel I, in 1802 after the death of his wife.
And lastly in 2002 Claus van Amsberg, Prince Consort of the Netherlands as the husband of Queen Beatrix, died in Amsterdam. He had been ill for some time with cancer and Parkinson’s, and it was reported he had been fighting depression for some time.
Have a great day!!