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Today in 768, the Frankish Kingdom was divided between two brothers, Carloman I and Charles. The two brothers would remain at odds until Carloman’s death in 771. Charles would then take over the whole kingdom, and is known through history as Charlemagne.
In 1238, James I of Aragon founded the Kingdom of Valencia in Spain after defeating the Moors, with himself as its ruler, of course.
And a wedding today in 1514! Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII of England was married to Louis XII of France. Louis was 52, Mary was 18. Louis had no heir and despite his exertions, she did not concieve. Mary was widowed four months into the marrige when Louis died in January 1515.
Also, today in 1708, Tsar Peter I of Russia would score a major victory in the Great Northern War with the Swedish at the Battle of Lesnaya. Between heavy losses, mass abandonment, and general confusion of the Swedish troops, the war was tipped in Peter’s favor when the campaigning began again in the Spring.
Our first birthday today belongs to King Denis of Portugal in 1261. One os his royal decrees founded this University of Lisbon, which still stands today as the University of Coimbra.
Next we have Peter I of Cyprus in 1328. He was successfully militarily, and popular with the people for giving the serfs a chance to buy their freedom, but he was assassinated by his own knights in 1369.
And in 1757, Charles X of France was born at Versailles. Charles was the last of the Bourbon kings of France, ruling for 6 years after the restoration and deaths of his brothers. He was forced to abdicate and flee the country after the July Revolution in 1830.
And in not-so-dead royal birthdays today, we say have a good one to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, who was born in 1935. Prince Edward is a first cousin to Queen Elizabeth, as the son of her uncle, Prince George.
Our first death today belongs for Elisabeth of Bavaria, Queen of Germany in 1273. Elisabeth was the wife of war-minded Conrad IV of Germany.
Next we have the death of John I of Castile and Leon, and claimant to the crown of Portugal in 1390. He came to be a claimant to Portugal by his second wife, Beatrice of Portugal. The people were never obedient to him and merely considered him a pretender.
In 1934 today, King Alexander I of Yugoslavia was assassinated in Paris on a state visit. Alexander was the first King of Yugoslavia and the last King of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Alexander actually had a large tattoo on his chest of his heraldic eagle, which was unknown to the general public at the time.
Lastly in 1937 today, Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine died at age 68. Ernie, as he was called, had been forced to abdicate as Grand Duke in 1918 and was actually a grandchild of Queen Victoria, through one of her younger daughters, Alice.
Have a great day all!!!