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No major events today, but a few birthdays and deaths.

The first birthday belongs to Mary of Waltham, daughter of Edward III in 1344. At age 11 she was betrothed to the Duke of Brittany, and they were married in England, when Mary was 16. But just over a year later, before they could make it back to Brittany, Mary died of an unknown cause.
And today in 1567, Catherine Michelle of Spain was born to parents King Phillip II and Elisabeth of Valois. Catherine would become the Duchess of Savoy by marriage and have ten children before her death at age 30.
Skip ahead to 1830 for the birthday of modern Spain’s only Queen Regnant, Isabella. There were other Queens of Aragon and Castile, but none ruled over all of what we know today as Spain. She would become Queen at age 3.
Lastly in 1903 today, we see the birth of Prince Charles of Belgium. He would act as Regent for his brother, King Leopold III from the end of the German occupation after WWII, until Leopold’s return from exile in 1950.
Our first death today is that of Hugh IV of Cyprus in 1359. Hugh is actually the father of Peter I of Cyprus, who we discussed yesterday.
Next we mark the death of Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia in 1806. Louis was the nephew of Frederick the Great of Prussia. He died in combat during the Napoleonic Wars at age 34. The Prince was actually a well liked composer, writing several Opus’ before his death.
And our last death today is that of King Carol I of Romania, who died in 1914 at age 75. He hadn’t been ill previous to that, so his death was sudden and left Romania in a tough spot, as Carol had no male heirs, and his next brother and older nephew both renounced their claim, the crown passed to his second nephew, Ferdinand.
Have an awesome day!!