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Today in 1727, George II of the United Kingdom was crowned King, alongside his wife, Queen Caroline. George would be the last British monarch not born in England and the last King to personally lead his troops into battle.
And something of note, not royal, but interesting. Today in 1982, a Tudor-era battle ship called the Mary Rose was raised from the ocean near the Isle of Wight. The ship was sunk in battle in 1545 and is currently under study and part of a museum dedicated to early naval warfare, the Mary Rose Museum near Portsmouth.
Our first birthday today belongs to Frederick IV of Denmark in 1671. Frederick became king of Denmark and Norway in 1699 and oversaw the abolition of serfdom in 1702 and the change to the Gregorian calendar in 1700.
Skipping ahead a couple hundred years to 1927 for the birth of Princess Josephine Charlottle of Belgium and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. She is the sister of the current Belgian King Albert, and the mother of the ruler of Luxembourg, the Grand Duke Henri.
And in not-so-dead royalty, today in 1963 marks the birthday of Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan. Prince Faisal is the brother of the current King Abdullah II.
Our first death today takes us back to France in 1188, where Robert I, Count of Dreux died. He was the younger brother of Louis VII and went on the second Crusade with Louis. 
Lastly in 1347, Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor died suddenly after a stroke. His death came as a relief to some, as his policies were close to starting a civil war with the rival House of Luxemburg.
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