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Today in 1216, after a disaster in the Baron’s War, supposedly King John of England lost a fair amount of the Crown Jewels while his train crossed a river heading back to London. They have never been found.
In 1810 today, the Bavarian royal family threw a party to celebrate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, inviting all citizens of Munich to join them. This event is still celebrated every year as Oktoberfest.
And in 1822 today, Pedro I of Brazil was proclaimed to be Emperor of Brazil, after declaring its independence from Portugal the month prior. He would later also be King of Portugal after the death of his father in 1826. We also celebrate Pedro’s birthday today! He was born on this day in 1798.
Skipping back to 1537, we breathe a sigh of relief for King Henry VIII as his only legitimate son, named Edward was born to he and his third wife, Jane Seymour. Sadly Jane would die two weeks later, and Edward would become King at age nine
when Henry died. Edward would not see his 16th birthday though.
Also two deaths to mention today. The first comes in 1576 where we see Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, passing at age 49 in Germany. He had been Emperor for 14 years and in his children we see several Archdukes, Queens of Spain and France, and another Holy Roman Emperor.
Yesterday, we marked the birthday of King Frederick IV of Denmark and Norway. Sadly today, we mark his death at age 59 in 1730.
Have an awesome weekend!!