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Today in 1384, Jadwiga of Poland was crowned as the first woman to rule that country in her own right, not as consort. She was crowned as King, not Queen, since she was not a consort. She was highly popular during her reign and has since been sainted by the Catholic church.
In 1793 today, Marie Antoinette, or “Widow Capet” as she was now referred to, was taken to the guillotine for her execution. Her last words were said to be to the executioner himself, when she accidentally stepped on his foot. He reported that she said, “Pardon me, Sir. I meant not to do it.” To which he replied, “No, pardon me, Madame.”
Our first birthday today belongs to James II of Scotland in 1430. James’ father would be assassinated and he would acceed to the throne at a mere 6 years old.
Next we have the birthday of Prince Eugene of Savoy in 1663. Parisian by birth, Eugene would go on to be a military leader for the Austrian empire, and one of their most successful in history.
And in 1786 today, we see Frederika Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt. She became Queen of Prussia in 1786 when her husband acceeded to the throne as Frederick William II.
And we have a not-so-dead royal birthday today. Princess Kritika of Nepal was born today in 2003. The monarchy in Nepal was officially abolished in 2008 and the Royal Family is living in Sinapore, currently.
And one other death to mention today. King of Sardinia, Victor Amadeus III died today in 1796 at the ripe old age of 70. He had been a popular King with the aristocracy and the commoners for his generosity and public works.
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