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In 1346 today, Scotland invaded northern England to distract them for France and became the Battle of Neville’s Cross. The fight went badly for Scotland and their King, David II, was captured and taken to the Tower of London where he was held for eleven years.
Today in 1610 a nine year old Louis XIII of France was crowned. His mother would be regent until he was about 16 years old, when he took the reigns of government for himself.
Next in 1660, Charles II had nine people who signed the death warrant for his father, Charles I, hung, drawn, and quartered for treason. Charles II had been restored to the crown earlier in the year.
Two years later, Charles would sell the French city of Dunkirk back to France for 40,000 pounds. Dunkirk had been captured in 1658 by the English.
In 1905 today, Nicholas II of Russia issued the October Manifesto in response to the 1905 Revolution. It laid the groundwork for Russia’s first constitution, which was adopted in 1906. The law gave Russia the right to assemble, rights of association, free speech, religion, and gave all men the right to vote. It also stated that no laws could be passed without the consent of the Duma.
Our only royal birthday today belongs to Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia in 1853. She was the daughter of Alexander II, sister to Alexander III and aunt to Nicholas II. Maria would marry into the British Royal family as the wife of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, son of Queen Victoria.
The first death of note today belongs to Queen Petronilla of Aragon in 1174. She was Queen Regnant from 1137-1164 as the daughter of Ramiro II. In 1164, she abdicated in favor of her son, who would go on to be Alfonso II.
Today in 1806, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was assassinated in Port-au-Prince. He styled himself Emperor Jacques I in 1804 and ruled as such until his death.
In 1967, the last Chinese Emperor, Puyi died in Beijing. He had became Emperor at age two, was deposed at age 6, then reinstated briefly at age 11. The Japanese then installed him as the Manchukuo Emperor from 1934-1945.
And lastly in 1972, George Crown Prince of Serbia died in Belgrade. He had renounced his rights to the Serbian crown in 1909, after a scandal in which he apparently kicked a servant to death.
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