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Today in 1599, Prince Michael of Wallachia was victorious in the Battle of Selimbar, which left him the ruler of the the Transylvania region in Romania. Shortly after, he was also declared the ruler of the Moldavia region, thus resulting in the first union of Romania as we know it. The union would last only about six months before his assassination, but he is still known as Michael the Brave in Romania.
We have one birthday today, belonging to German Emperor Frederick III in 1831. He would only be Emperor for 99 days after the death of his father. His son by his wife, Victoria, Princess Royal of England, would become Wilhelm II.
Our first death today belongs to Sancho III of Navarre. Sancho ruled most of the Iberian Peninsula but divided the Kingdoms up among his son before his death. His reign saw the height of Navarese power.
Next in 1541, Margaret Tudor, Dowager Queen of Scotland died of severe stroke. Margaret was the mother of the current Scottish King, James V and had been the wife of James IV. She was the sister of the indomitable Henry VIII as well.
Just a few years later in 1558, Mary of Austria died in Spain. Mary had left an interesting life, as the daughter of Queen Joanna the Mad of Castile, sister to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, wife of Louis II and thus Queen consort of Hungary and Bohemia, and then later governor of the Netherlands for her brother.
And in 1744, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlbourgh passed away at age 84.  She had been a courtier, and confidante and friend to Queen Anne, before they had a falling out. You know Sarah through some of her more famous descendants, namely Winston Churchill, and Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.
And lastly in 1921, Ludwig III of Bavaria, the last King of Bavaria died in exile in Hungary. He had been deposed after World War I.
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