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Today in 1469, Europe’s first power couple, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile were married in Castile. They would unite the countries of Spain as we know it.
And in 1812, Napoleon I would begin the retreat from Moscow after his failed invasion of Russia.
First in birthdays today, we have Dmitry of Uglich, Tsarevitch of Russia was born in 1582. He was the youngest son of Ivan IV (the Terrible) and his eighth wife. Sadly, he would pass away under mysterious circumstances at age 8.
Next in 1851, Korean Empress Myeongseong was born. She had an active role in Korean politics and was assassinated at age 43 by Japanese agents.
And we have a not-so-dead royal birthday today in Prince Laurent of Belgium in 1963. He is the son of Albert II of Belgium and is currently 12th in line to the crown.
Our first death comes in 1216 today, and its of King John I of England. He had contracted dysentery in September and would leave his 9 year old son, Henry as the King.
Next in 1851, Marie Therese Charlotte of France died at age 52 in Austria. She was the oldest daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and their only child to survive the Revolution. She married her cousin, Louis Antoine, son of Charles X. She became Queen of France for twenty minutes in 1830, when he father in law signed the bill of abdication, and her husband signed just a few minutes later.
And in 1889, Luis I of Portugal died as well. He was a patron of the sciences, especially oceanography and started the Aquario Vasco De Gama in Lisbon. It was one of the worlds first aquariums and it still stands today.
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