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No major events today but a few birthdays and deaths to mention today. Our first birthday is that of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine 1071. William is one of the first of the Troubadors whose works survives to this day. He partcipated in the Crusade of 1101, and gave the land to the church to start the famed Fontevraud Abbey. He has a famous granddaughter, in that of Eleanor of Aquitiane.
Next in 1689, John V of Portugal was born in Lisbon. He would become King at age 17 after the death of his father, Peter II.
Next in 1701, Maria Amalia of Austria was born in Vienna. She was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor, Joseph I, and would become Holy Roman Empress by her marriage to Charles VII.
Skipping ahead to 1858, August Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein was born in Prussia to the Duke and Duchess of Schleswig-Holstein. Dona, as she was called by her family, would go on to be the wife of German Kaiser Wilhelm II and thus the last Empress of Germany.
And in 1913, the last Emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai was born. He became Emperor in 1926, ruling until 1945, when he abdicated to become Chief of State. He was ousted from power completely in 1955 and lived in France until his death.
Our first death today belongs to Ferdinand I of Portugal in 1383. He left no male heir, but had married his daughter Beatrice, to John of Castile. However her claim was not supported by alot of people, and this lead to a two year civil war, in which Ferdinand’s illegitmate brother, also John, claimed the crown in 1385.
In 1751, William IV, Prince of Orange and hereditary Stadtholder of the Netherlands died at The Hague. He had been married to the British Princess Royal, Anne, and thus a son-in-law to George II of Great Britian.
And in 2002 today, Queen Geraldine of the Albanians died at age 87. She was the wife of King Zog I, and they lived in exile throughout Europe after he was overthrown by the Italians during WW2. She returned to Albania in June of 2002.
Lastly in 2011, Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia died in New York City at age 80. He was the 12th son of King Abdulaziz of Saudia Arabia.

Have a great day all!!