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Several birthdays and deaths to mention today. First birthday belongs to David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay in 1378. David was the son of Robert III of Scotland, and the first Duke in the Scottish peerage. He was his father’s heir until 1402, when he died prematurely under suspicious circumstances.
Next is not a royal birthday, but is one of note. Sir Anthony Babington was born to a Catholic family in England today in 1561. Anthony was the ringleader of the famous Babington Plot to kill Elizabeth I of England and set Mary, Queen of Scots on the throne in order to return England to the Catholic fold. They were caught and executed as traitors. The Babington Plot is also what helped Elizabeth’s ministers bring down Mary.
And in 1739 today, Duchess Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel was born. She would be regent for her infant son, when her husband died prematurely. She became a notable composer, and her court was one of considerable culture in the area.
Skipping ahead to 1887, Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg was born in Scotland. She was a granddaughter to Queen Victoria and would go on to be Queen Consort of Spain as the wife to Alfonso XIII of Spain. The current Spainish King, Juan Carlos I is her grandson.
And one not-so-dead royal birthday today and its Sultan Ahmad Shah of Malaysia in 1930. He is the sitting Sultan and has actually been the President of several soccer organizations of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
Our first death today comes from France in 996, where Hugh Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty died in Paris. Every French monarch, with the exception of the Bonapartes, were descended from him.
Next in 1375, Valdemar IV of Denmark died while fighting the Swedes and Norwegians for the southern Jutland region of Denmark. While a bit of an autocrat, he his known as one of the most important medieval Danish Kings for his military prowess, but for his diplomacy as well.
And our last death of note today, came in 1537, to Jane Seymour, 3rd wife and Queen to King Henry VIII of England. She had given birth to the future Edward VI just 12 days before, and its believed she died of a postnatal infection. She was the only of Henry’s wives to recieve a Queen’s funeral and Henry had himself buried next to her. He regarded her as his only ‘true wife’ for giving him a legitmate son. Jane’s family, namely her brothers, would use her memory to keep positions within Henry’s government, but would be executed under the reign of their nephew. While her exact birthdate is not known, it is believed that Jane was only 29 when she died.
On that note, make the most of every day!! Have a good one!!