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Today in 1640, King Charles I of England signed the Treaty of Ripon with Scotland. The treaty gave huge amounts of land back to Scotland with England footing the bill. In response to the treaty, the Long Parliament began, which sowed the seeds for the English Civil War.
Then in 1775 today, King George III appeared in front of Parliament declaring the American Colonies in open rebellion, and gave the go ahead for military actions against the Colonists. One year later, Benjamin Franklin would leave the Americas headed for France to ask their support against the English.
Two birthdays today, first is Miguel I of Portugal today in 1802. Miguel was the second son of King Joao VI and Queen Charlotte. He was exiled in his youth for participation in a rebellion known as The Abrilada, but returned later to act as regent for his young niece. He would then overthrow her and take the crown himself, only to abdicate and live in exile until his death.
And in 1919 today, the ill fated last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was born. He was famously overthrown in the 1979 Iranian Revolution and would die one year later in exile in Egypt.
Our first death comes to us in 899 as Alfred the Great, the first King of a unified England died of unrecorded causes. Alfred is attributed with laying down the foundations for the English legal system, towns, and roads. He is the only King of England known by the epithet “the Great”.
Next in 1235, Andrew II of Hungary died after a 30 year reign. He lived long enough to see one of his daughters canonized as Saint Elisabeth. He was succeedded by his son, Bela IV.
And lastly today in 1944, Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom died at age 87. She was the last living child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Originally Victoria was dead set against Beatrice marrying, but finally acquiesed under the condition that she and her husband make their home with the aging Queen. Beatrice was with her mother when she died in 1901.
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