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Today in 1936, the divorce of Mrs. Wallis Simpson and Mr. Ernest Aldrich Simpson was finalized. Wallis had been in a two year relationship with the newly ascended Edward VIII of the United Kingdom. When Edward made it known to his ministers that he planned to marry Wallis, it caused a constitutional crisis, as she was a twice-divorced American. Before 1936 was out, Edward would abdicate the crown to marry her. They became known as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
One birthday of note today, and it belongs to Catherine of Valois, Queen consort of England in 1401. Catherine was the wife of Henry V and the mother of Henry VI. And after her husbands sudden death in 1422, Catherine became involved with a Welsh squire named Owen Tudor. She gave birth to several children by him, one of which was the father of the future Henry VII of England.
First in deaths is Elizabeth de Burgh, second wife of Robert I (or the Bruce) of Scotland in 1327. She was crowned with Robert as his consort when he was crowned as the  King of Scotland, after the War of Independence with England. She was also the mother of the future David II of Scotland.
In 1439 Albert II of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor died suddenly at age 42 while fighting the Turks. He was succeeded by his unborn son, Ladislas, who was born four months after Albert’s death.
Next in 1505, Ivan III of Russia died after a 43 year reign. While he is regarded with leaving Russia economically sound and militarily sound, this mostly came on the backs of Russian people whose personal autonomies were crushed.
And lastly in 1990 today, Princess Sophie von Hohenburg died at age 90. Sophie was the only daughter of the ill-fated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination triggered World War I in 1914. She eventually settled back in Austria, but in 1938, she and her brothers were apprehended and she spent the next 7 years in the Dachau concentration camp.
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