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No major events today, but we have some birthdays and deaths. First being in 1667, Maria Anna of Neuberg and Countess Palatine was born in Dusseldorf Germany. She would go on to be the second wife of the ill fated Charles II of Spain, also known as Charles the Hexed. His first wife had died at age 26 and the marriage was childless. It has been said that Charles was mentally and physically disabled, and most likely sterile. The marriage to Maria would produce no children either.
Next in 1767, Marie Sophie of Hesse-Kassel was born and would later become Queen consort of Denmark and Norway as the wife of her first cousin, Frederick VI. She was Queen when Denmark lost ruling power over Norway in 1814, and served as Regent for her husband while he was abroad.
Our first death today comes in 1312, as Elizabeth of Tyrol, Queen of the Romans and Queen of Germany died at about the age of 50. Together with her husband, Albert I of Germany, they would found the historically impactful House of Habsburg.
Next in 1412, Margaret I of Denmark would pass away suddenly at age 59. Margaret has the unique position of being both the Queen regnant of Denmark, and Queen consort of Norway and Sweden at the same time.
Hopping foward in time to 1707, where Prince George of Denmark and Prince consort to Queen Anne of Great Britain died of a long illness. Queen Anne was said to be devasted. They had several children throughout their marriage, but none lived out of childhood. George had also served in various military and naval appointments during Anne’s reign.
In 1740 today, Anna, Empress and Autocrat of all the Russias died of kidney disease. Anna’s reign had been largely unsuccessful and she was known for her cruelty. She was the daughter of Ivan V, and niece to Peter the Great. She attempted to set up her grandnephew to become Emperor after her, but he was only a year old when she died. Her successor ended up being Peter’s legitimized daughter, Elizabeth.
And lastly in 1917, Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein died in England at age 87. Christian was a German/Danish Prince who married Princess Helena of the United Kingdom, daughter of Queen Victoria. He, his wife, and his children were affected by King George V’s 1917 proclimation changing the Royal families name to Windsor, from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, because of anti-German sentiment. They merely dropped their territorial designation and were just known as Prince and Princesses.

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