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Today in 1179, Phillip II of France was crowned King of France before his father, Louis VIII died. Thus was the custom in France at the time, so as to not interrupt the line of succession.
And in 1688 today, William of Orange set out again from the Netherlands with an army to invade England and depose James II and VII in what’s become known as the Glorious Revolution.
Our first birthday comes in 1526, and is that of Catherine the Jagellon of Poland. She would marry the future John III of Sweden and be mother to Sigismund III Vasa of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
Next in 1549, Anna of Austria, Queen consort of Spain was born in Spain. She would become Queen on her marriage to her uncle, Phillip II of Spain at age 21. She would bear him 7 children in ten years before he death at age 30.
And in 1778 today, Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden was born. He would be a largely inept ruler and was forced to abdicate in 1809, just nine years after his coronation. In 1864 today Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine was born. She would go on to be Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna as the wife to Grand Duke Sergei. Sergei was the uncle of the future Nicholas II and Elisabeth was the sister of his wife Alexandra. She would be executed in 1918 by Bolsheviks after becoming a nun at the death of her husband.
The first death of note today comes from Charles II of Spain. Charles was the last of the Hapsburg Kings of Spain. He was 38 and had no children. He was also known for his physical, mental, and emotional disabilites, which probably contributed to his sterility. His death kicked off the War of Spanish Succession.
And lastly in 1894 today, Tsar Alexander III of Russia died of kidney disease, leaving his unprepared son, Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia.
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