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Today in 1930, Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I was in Addis Ababa. He would rule until 1974, when he was overthrown in a revolution. He died in prison the following year.
And in 1964, King Saud of Saudi Arabia was deposed in a formal coup, led by his brother Prince Faisal. He was a largely ineffective ruler and agreed to abdication and exile.
Several birthdays and deaths to mention today. First, in 1470, the future Edward V of England was born. He was supposed to become King after the death of his father, Edward IV in 1483. Edward went into the Tower of London to stay and await his coronation, as was custom, along with his younger brother, Richard. Their uncle, also Richard, had himself proclaimed King that summer and the boys were never seen again. They are referred to today as the Princes in the Tower. See my article on them in the “Tear-Jerkers” series.
And in 1475 today, Edward’s younger sister, Anne of York was born. She married into the powerful Howard family and became the Countess of Surrey. Anne lived to see her sister, Elizabeth become Queen consort of England when she married Henry VII.
Next in 1667, James Louis Sobieski, Crown Prince of Poland was born. He was the oldest son of King John III of Poland. He was the first son of a monarch to not be elected to be King after the death of his father. His daughter, Maria, would also marry James Francis Edward Stuart, son of the deposed James II, who is called “The Old Pretender”.
And in 1709, Anne, Princess Royal of Great Britain, and Princess of Orange by marriage was born to King George II and Queen Caroline. She would go on to marry William IV of Orange, stadtholder of the Netherlands.
In 1755, Maria Theresa of Austria would give birth to her fifteenth child, a girl names Maria Antonia. Maria would become Queen of France and Navarre in 1774, and we know her better as Marie Antoinette.
Next in 1777, Princess Sophia was born in London. She was the twelfth child of King George III and Queen Charlotte. Sophia would never marry but live into the reign of her niece, Victoria, as part of her household.
And we have a not so dead royal birthday today, and it comes in 1938, as the former Queen Sophia of Spain was born to the royal family of Greece. Her brother is the deposed King Constantine II of Greece. She is the mother to the current Spanish king, Felipe.
Our first death takes us back to 1083, when Matilda of Flanders, Queen consort of England died after a short illness. Maud, as she was called, was the wife of William I, (the Conqueror) and mother to the future William II and Henry I of England.
Next in 1285, Peter III of Aragon died of unknown causes, while only in his mid forties. He had spent a good part of his reign at war with the Italians, and actually conquered Sicily. Two of his sons would become Kings of Aragon, and one would be King of Sicily.
And in 1327, Peter’s son, James II of Aragon died in Barcelona. He became King of Aragon after the death of his brother Alfonso III, and King of Sicily after the death of his father.
And lastly in 1945, Princess Thyra of Denmark died at age 65. She was the daughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark and his wife Louise. Her aunts were actually Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, and Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna.
Have a great day all!!