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Today in 1935, a referendum passed by an overwhelming majority in Greece to restore the monarchy, which brought the exiled King George II back to the country and power. He would rule for another 12 years.
One birthday of note today. Coming in 1895 from Russia, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna was the first born child to Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. During World War I, she would work as a nurse and administrator for a hospital, until her families arrest by the Bolsheviks. She would be assassinated along with the rest of her family in 1918.
And our only death today comes in 1970, as Peter II of Yugoslavia, the third and last King of Yugoslavia. Peter became King at 11 after the assassination of his father. He had a regent until he was 17 in 1941. Yugoslavia was invaded by the Nazi’s later tha year and Peter went to live and run the government resistance from England. The monarchy was abolished in 1945, and Peter moved to the US, where he died and remains today.
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