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Today in 1501, Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon, daugher of Ferdinand and Isabella, would meet her first husband, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales. They would be married about 10 days later, bu sadly Arthur would die approximately four months later. Catherine would gain fame as the first wife of Arthur’s brother, Henry VIII.
And in 1677, a 15 year old Mary of England would marry her first cousin William of Orange. Some years later they would rule England and Scotland jointly after the Glorious Revolution, as William III and Mary II.
Our first birthday today comes in 1448 as Alfonso II of Naples was born. Alfonso became King of Naples in 1494, but before that was one of the leading patrons of the Renaissance in Italy.
Next in 1631, Mary, Princess Royal of England and future Princess of Orange was born in London. She is the first monarch’s daughter to hold the title of Princess Royal, and would be sent to the Netherlands to married. As the sister of Charles II and James II, she was thus the Aunt to Mary II of England (mentioned above) and mother to William III.
No major deaths to mention today!
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