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Today in 1605, the Gunpowder Plot was uncovered when Guy Fawkes was discovered under the House of Lords with 36 barrels of gunpowder. Their plan was to blow the House of Lords during the State Opening and also kill King James I and VI. The conspirators had been anonymously sold out, and after Fawkes was tortured, were arrested and convicted of treason. Fawkes arrest is still celebrated in Britain today as Bonfire Night.
And in 1757, Frederick the Great of Prussia scored a decisive victory against the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman and Austrian Empires in the Battle of Rossbach, as part of the Seven Years War. Frederick was able to win the battle with considerably less troops, guns, and casualties, due to his use of quick movements and the element of surprise.
In 1916 today, King Otto of Bavaria was formally removed from the throne by the Bavarian cabinet. He had been declared mentally ill for sometime, and the country was being ruled under a regency, of which Otto’s cousin Prince Ludwig was called The Prince Regent. Ludwig was then declared King Ludwig III of Bavaria.
Lastly in 1916, Emperors Wilhelm II of Germany and Franz Joseph of Austria declared the creation of the Kingdom of Poland. Germany and Austria had every intention of making Poland a puppet state under their tutelage, but the Kingdom was never actually formed after the Great War.
Two birthdays from not-so-dead royals today, the first coming in 1921, as Princess Fawzai Fuad of Egypt was born. She was the daughter of King Faud I of Egypt, and would later be Queen of Iran when she became the first wife of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. She was Iranian Queen for less than 10 years, before they were divorced and she moved back to Egypt, where she still resides today.
And in 1965 today, Prince Kubrat of Bulgaria was born in Spain, where his family had been exiled. His father was the deposed Simeon III of Bulgaria. He still lives in Spain and is actually a surgeon today.
Our first death comes in 1370 today, as Casimir III of Poland died at age 60. Known as Casimir the Great, he was the last King of Poland, as his nephew, King Louis I of Hungary to be his successor.
Next, in 1828, Maria Feodorovna, Empress consort of Russia, died at age 69 in Russia. She married the future Paul I of Russia and was thedaughter in law of Catherine the Great. She would live to see two of her sons become Tsar as well. They were Alexander I and Nicholas I of Russia.
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