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Tday in 1745, Charles Edward Stuart, or ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ landed in Scotland with an army of about 5000 men. Charles was the grandson of the deposed James II and was intent on bringing the crown of the United Kingdon back to the Stuart family. However Charles and his forces were soundly defeated and the rebellion known as ‘The 45’ was crushed.
First in birthdays today comes in 1622, when the future Charles X Gustav of Sweden was born. He would not become King until 1654 and only rule until 1660.
Next in 1715, Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel-Bevern was born. She would go on to marry Frederick II of Prussia, and become Queen consort of Prussia in 1740 and be its longest serving Queen, until 1786.
In 1768, Princess Augusta Sophia was born in London to King George III and Queen Charlotte. Augusta was close to her father and would never marry, staying in the United Kingdom.
Today in 1777, Desiree Clary was born in France to a silk merchant and his wife. Desiree would go on to be a one time fiancee of Napoleon Bonaparte, but would ultimately marry Charles XIV John of Sweden becoming his Queen consort. Her son would be the future Oscar I of Sweden.
And a not-so-dead royal birthday today in 2003, when Lady Louise Windsor was born the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, and his wife, the Countess, Princess Sophie. Louise is a grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and ninth in line to the throne of the United Kingdom.
Our firs death takes us back to 1226, when Louis VIII of France died suddenly of dysentery. He had only been King for three years, but had been active in his father’s wars against King John of England.
Next in 1246, Berengaria of Casile died in Spain. She had been Queen regnant of Castile and Queen consort of Leon. She was Queen of Castile until her son was old enough to rule, and she then abdicated in his favour. She would remain one of his closest advisors.
Lastly in 1830, Francis I of the Two Sicilies died at age 53. He had only been King for 5 years, but had spent some time as Regent for his father, Ferdinand I. He was also the nephew of Marie Antoinette, as her sister, Maria Carolina was his mother.
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