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Today in 1520 the last executions of the Stockholm Bloodbath occured. Following the successful invasion of Sweden by Christian II of Denmark earlier in the year, Christian had several high ranking nobles and anyone he thought to be a threat executed. Between November 7th and 10th, about 82 people were executed.
And in 2007 today at the Ibero-American Summit, King Juan Carlos I of Spain famously told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, “¿Por qué no te callas?” which translates to “Why don’t you just shut up?”.  Hugo had been disruptive when the Spanish Prime Minister was speaking and Chavez was hurling insults. After Chavez’s microphone was cut off, Juan Carlos, who was sitting behind him, leaned down and said it to him, causing an international sensation.
First in birthdays today is Bridget of York in 1480. Bridget was the tenth child to King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. Thus, she was the younger sister of the Princes in the Tower, and Henry VII’s queen, Elizabeth of York. Bridget would be committed to a Priory and spend her life as a nun.
Next, while not a royal birthday, is still of some importance. In 1483 today, Martin Luther, was born in Germany. Some years later, he would spark the Reformation of the Church.
Then in 1683 today, the future George II of Great Britain was born in Hanover, Germany. George was the last British monarch to be born outside of Britian, and also the last to personally lead his troops in battle, at the Battle of Dettingen, during the War of Austrian Succession.
In 901 today Adelaide of Paris, wife of Louis the Stammerer died. She would have a son by Louis, born after his death, who would be known as Charles the Simple.
Next in deaths. in 1444, Wladyslaw III of Poland, King of Poland and Hungary died during the Battle of Varna, while fighting the Ottoman Empire. He was beheaded and his head placed on a pike, but his body and armor were never found.
Lastly in 1673, Michael I, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania died at age 33 after a short 6 year reign.
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