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1500 – The Treaty of Grenada was signed by Ferdinand II of Aragon and Louis XII of France, which split the Kingdom of Naples between France and Spain. By 1501, the countries would be at war again, claiming the Kingdom for themselves.

1918 – Charles I and IV of Austria and Hungary announced today that he would have no further participation in state affairs and agreed that the people had to right to be involved in government. While he did not actuallly abdicate, he was exiled and lived the remainder of his days trying to get back into power.

1050 – Henry IV, future Holy Roman Emperor was born in Germany. He would become Emperor at 6 age under the regency of his mother, Agnes of Poitou, until his abdication under diress in 1105.

1154 – Sancho I of Portugal was born to Alfonso I of Portgual and Maud of Savoy. Sancho was the second King of Portugal and worked tirelessly to bring people in. He also used royal money to send Portugese students to Universities across Europe.

1155 – Alfonso VIII of Castile was born in Spain. He became King at age three, but didn’t step up to govern himself until age 15. He was the driving force behind the Iberian powers unting to drive the Moors from the area.

1599 – Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg, future Queen consort of Sweden was born in modern day Germany. She would marry Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus and be the mother of the future Queen Christina of Sweden.

1748 – Charles IV of Spain was born to Charles III and Maria Amalia. Charles was King during the Napoleonic Wars and was actually forced to abdicate first in favour of his son, and then later, under diress while imprisoned by Napoleon, he retracted the first abdication and signed a new one, in favour of Napoleon.

1869 – Victor Emmanuel of Italy was born in Naples. His 46 year reign would encompass both World Wars, and the rise of Mussolini.

1882 – The birth of Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden occured. He wouldn’t become King until age 67, but would rule for 23 years. He was a supporter of the American Civil Rights movement, by actually meeting with Martin Luther King Jr, and financially backing the Black Panters by providing them with bail money periodically.

1981 – A not-so-dead royal birthday today, belonging to Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He is the current heir apparent to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

1861 – King Pedro V of Portgual died suddenly of cholera at age 24. He had become King at age 16 and had only ruled for 8 years. However during his short reign, he actively worked on building a strong infrastructure and public health system for Portugal.

1917 – The first and last Queen regnant of Hawaii, Lilioukalani died in Honolulu. She had been forced to abdicate by the invading Americans in 1893, but lived in her palace for the remainder of her days, even receiving a large state funeral.

1953- Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine died at age 87. Irene was a granddaughter to Queen Victoria, through her daughter Alice, the sister-in-law to Kaiser Wilhelm II, when she married Prince Heinrich of Prussia, and she was the sister of the ill-fated Alexandra Fyordovna, Empress of Russia. Irene was also the carrier of the Victorian haemophiliac gene, as two of her three sons had the disease.

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