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1586- Forty Members of Parliament went to Elizabeth I today, petitioning her to hand down a “Just sentence for a just verdict” in the case of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary had been found guilty of plotting against Elizabeth in the Babington Plot.
1990 – Crown Prince Akihito is officially invested as the 125th Emperor of Japan, after the death of his father the year before. Akihito is still the sitting Emperor but will be known as Emperor Heisei after his death.

1547 – Claude of Valois, daughter to Henry II of France and Catherine de Medici was born. Claude would be married at age 11 to the Duke of Lorraine, and was the sister to three Kings of France, and her younger sister would become Queen of France when her sister’s husband, Henry of Navarre aceeded to the throne.

1929 – Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Grace would become a famous Oscar winning actress, but would rise higher when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956. She retired from acting to devote herself to her new duties. Her son, Albert, is the current head of state in Monaco.


1035 – Cnut the Great, King of Denmark, England and Norway died in England. He had invaded England in 1016 and succeeded to the Danish crown in 1018. His kingdoms would be split amongst his sons, but not for long, as the Normans invaded just 30 years after his death.

1094 – Duncan II of Scotland was killed in battle just seven months after seizing the crown from his uncle Donald III. Donald would claim the crown after his death as well.

1434 – Louis III of Naples died of malaria in Spain. He had been King of Naples in title only, as he had spent his ‘reign’ in territorial disputes with other claimants to the throne.

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