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1501 – Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, and Catherine of Aragon, Infanta of Spain were married in England. They were both about 15 years old. Just a few months later, sadly Arthur would die. Catherine would go on to marry Arthur’s younger brother, Henry VIII shortly after in became king. Her marriage to Arthur would come under scrutiny when Henry began seeking an annulment from her.

1973 – Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom and daughter to Queen Elizabeth II, married Captain Mark Phillips in London. They would have two children, but separate in 1989, finally divorcing in 1992.

1567 – Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, was born in the modern day Netherlands. Maurice was Prince and stadtholder of Holland after his father, William the Silent. Maurice was one of the leaders of the Dutch resistance against Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. The island country of Mauritis is named for him.

1650 – William, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the Netherlands, and future King William III and II of England, Scotland and Ireland was born eight days after his father died of smallpox. William would marry his cousin, Mary Stuart, and they would later depose her father in the Glorious Revolution to rule Britain as William and Mary.

1812 – Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy is born on Sardinia, Italy. She would become Queen consort of the Two Sicilies in 1832, when she married Ferdinand II. She would sadly pass away 5 days after giving birth to their only child, Francis II.

1935 – The future King Hussein of Jordan is born in Amman. He would later become king after his father’s abdication in 1952 and would rule for 47 years. The current Jordanian King, Abdullah II, is his son by his second wife.

1948 – Prince Charles was born to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. He would be invested officially as Prince of Wales ten years later, and crowned as such in 1969. He is currently the heir apparent to the crown of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries, and is the oldest ever Prince of Wales, and will become the longest-serving of that title if he still holds it in 2017. And after next year if he succeeds his mother, he will be the oldest new monarch in British history.

1522 – Anne of France died at age 61. Anne was the daughter of Louis XI of France and Charlotte of Savoy. Her younger brother would become Charles VIII of France and she and her husband would act as Regents for him until his majority. Anne was instrumental in writing the treaty that officially ended the Hundred Years War.

1866- Miguel of Portugal died in exile in Germany. He had been regent for his niece before deposing her to rule himself. He was officially banned from the country, along with his descendants, in 1834. After his death though, he was allowed to be interred in Lisbon.

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