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1688 – The Glorious Revolution officially begins as William of Orange arrives at Brixham in the Cornwall region of England to deposed his father in law, James II and VII.

1316 – John I of France was born four months after the death of his father, Louis X. Sadly he would never be crowned, or have a rule, as he died just 5 days later.

1498 – Eleanor of Austria was born to the Phillip I and Joanna I of Castile. Her siblings would number 2 Holy Roman Emperors and 3 Queen consorts. She would be Queen consort of Portugal when she married Manuel I who widowed her 3 years and 2 children later. 9 years after Manuel’s death, she married Francis I of France and while they had no children, she was popular with the people.

1784 – Jerome Bonaparte, youngest brother to Napoleon, was born in Corsica. Napoleon would later make him King of Westphalia, a region in Northern Germany. He would later be an advisor for his nephew, Louis Napoleon, when he was President of the Republic.

1895 – A daughter was born to Russian Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra, named Olga. The Grand Duchess would never be married and serve as a nurse during World War I, until her arrest during the Revolution. She would be murdered along with her parents, sisters, and brother in 1918.

1853 – Maria II of Portugal died giving birth to her eleventh child. The Queen regnant was only 34, having come to the crown at age 7. She was deposed for a period by her uncle Miguel, but he was forced into exile and she was placed back on the throne.

1908 – The infamous Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi died of acute arsenic poisioning. She had basically ruled China since 1861 after starting as a concubine, and later becoming regent for her son, then her nephew.

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