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No major events today

1600- Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland is born. He would become King after his father, James I and VI. He would also famously be beheaded after the English Civil War in 1649.

1557 – Bona Sforza, Queen consort of Poland, died nine years after he husband. She was a member of the Sforza family of Milan and married into the Polish royal family in 1518. Her son succeeded his father, and her daughter would later become Queen of Poland.

1581 – Ivan Ivanovich, Tsarevitch of Russia and son of Ivan the Terrible died after his father hit him over the head with his scepter. Father and son had a terrible relationship, with the elder Ivan having the younger’s first two marriages dissolved, and causing the miscarriage of a son by his third wife. Despite the relationship, the elder Ivan did regret and lament his actions and son’s death.

1682 – Prince Rupert of the Rhine died at age 62 in England. Although a native and Prince of Germany, Rupert was a nephew to Charles I and cousin to Charles II of England. He has also served as a leader of the Royalist army during the English Civil Wars.

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