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1194 – Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV marched triumphantly into Palmero after being declared King. He had declared himself King back in 1191, by right of his wife, Constance  of Sicily. A Sicilian baron, Tancred, Count of Lecce had been King, but recently died with only a young son as an heir. Henry would rule until his death 3 years later.

1947 – The Princess Elizabeth, future Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, married Lieutenant Phillip Mountbatten. Phillip was a Prince of Denmark and Greece, but renounced his titles and converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism. He was created His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. Britain was still under rationing and even as a Princess, Elizabeth had to save ration coupons for the material for her dress.

1851 – Margherita of Savoy was born in Sardinia. She would later marry Umberto I of Italy and mother the future Victor Emmanuel III. Oddly enough, Margherita flavoured pizza, is named for her.

1912 – Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg is born and is the last Crown Prince of the Austrian Empire. He was a leader of the Austrian resistance but supported the reestablishment of the monarchy. After the war, when he wasn’t placed back in power, he later joined the European Parliament and served there for many years.

1737 – Caroline of Ansbach, Queen consort of the United Kingdom, died at age 54. She was the wife of George II and grandmother to George III. She had been ill for several days after having an umbilical hernia.

1925 – Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom died 15 years after her husband, Edward VII, of a heart attack. She was the mother of George V and Queen Maud of Norway, sister to Russian Tsaritsa Maria and George, King of the Hellenes, and daughter of Christian IX of Denmark. Also by blood she was the aunt of Nicholas II of Russia, and by marriage the aunt of Wilhelm II of Germany.

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