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No major events today.

1840 – The first child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is born in Buckingham Palace. Named Victoria for her mother and given the title Princess Royal, she would later marry German Crown Prince Frederick and became Empress in 1888, but her husband would die only a few months later. Her son would become Kaiser Wilhelm II.

1150 – Garcia Ramirez of Navarre died in Pamplona. He is credited with separating the crown of Navarre from Aragon after many years of union.

1916 – Holy Roman Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria died at age 86 during the middle of World War I. He had already survived his wife Elisabeth of Bavaria, who was stabbed by an assassin, and his son, Crown Prince Rudolf, who committed suicide. The death of his nephew, Archduke Franz Ferdinand helped start the War. He was succeeded by his other nephew, Karl, who was Emperor when the monarchy was dissolved.