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1975 – Prince Juan Carlos of Spain is declared ruler of Spain two days after the death of dictator Fransisco Franco. Franco had been working with Juan Carlos and grooming him to take over once he died. The monarchy in Spain had been overthrown 38 years before, but the accession of the new King went smoothly. He remains the constitutional monarch today.

1515 – Mary of Guise is born to the Duke of Lorraine. She would come to prominence in 1538 when she became the second wife to King James V of Scotland, after being courted by Henry VIII of England. She would give birth to a daughter just days before the death of James, who would be known as Mary, Queen of Scots.

1602 – A daughter named Elisabeth is born to King Henry VI of France and Queen consort Marie de Medici. She would go on to be the Queen consort of Spain as the wife of Phillip IV. She would give Phillip seven children, with only two living into adulthood.

1861 – The last sovereign of Madagascar, Queen Ranavalona III was born. She was Queen from 1883 until 1896 when the French invaded and colonized the island. She would die in exile 1917 in Algiers.

1878 – Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich is born as the third son the future Alexander III of Russia. He was the younger brother of the ill-fated Nicholas II. When Nicholas abdicated, he formally abdicated in favour of Michael. However, Michael was never installed as Tsar and was murdered in 1918 after the Russian Revolution.

1286 – Eric V of Sweden was assassinated by men dressed as monks after the snuck into his chamber as he slept. It was said he recieved 56 stab wounds and the first were from a noble whom Eric had seduced his wife.

1318 – Mikhail of Tver, Grand Prince of Moscow was executed by the Mongols after the death of the Khan’s sister in his custody.

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