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1499 – Perkin Warbeck, a Flemish man who claimed to be Richard, Duke of York, and son of Edward IV, was hanged for treason after admitting he was not the lost Yorkist Prince. Richard is believed to have died in 1483 and is known as one of the “Princes in the Tower.”

1890 – The law in the Netherlands is changed to allow the daughter of the dying King, Princess Wilhelmina, to become Queen. She was the only surviving child of King William III and became the longest serving monarch in Dutch history and led her country through both World Wars.

1221 – Alfonso X of Castile is born in Toledo. He would be called Alfonso the Wise because of his contributions to science and poetry. A crater on the moon, Alphonsus is named for him.

955 – Eadred, King of the English, died in southern England. He succeeded his brother, but his reign was marred with wars in Northern England and with the Vikings. He was not married and succeeded by his nephew.

1407 – Louis, Duke of Orleans and younger brother to French king Charles VI, the Mad, died t age 35. Louis was murdered in Paris on orders of the Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless. This would cause a rivalry between the ruling house of France and the Burgundian house until the end of the Hundred Years War.

1457 – Ladislaus the Posthumous died as King of Hungary and King of Bohemia at the young age 17. He had been born four months after the death of his father and was beginning to take over his rule when he died suddenly.

1503 – Margaret of York, daughter of Edward IV, sisters to Edward V and Richard, The Princes in the Tower, and Elizabeth of York, Queen consort of Henry VII, died in Flanders. She had been Duchess of Burgundy as the wife of Charles the Bold. She proved to be an effective administrator and politician for her adopted Burgundian home.

1769 – The Greek Prince of Moldavia and Wallachia, Constantine Mavrocordatos, died while in the custody of the troops of Catherine II of Russia. He had been popular with the serfs for his reforms, and was thus unpopular with the nobility.

1890 – King William III of the Netherlands, died at age 73, leaving his ten year old daughter, Wilhelmina as Queen. William had been an indecisive and unpopular king, because of his opposition to the liberal constitution and his dismissal and appointing of new cabinet ministers without Parliamentary approval. He also established Luxembourg as its own independent country.

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